Let's start with the basics.

Setting up the chessboard

In this section we look at setting up the chess board and how the pieces are positioned.

How to set up the Chess pieces

Start by dividing the pieces up into two teams. 1 dark team and 1 light team. These are known as Black and white. For each team put a Castle looking piece, called a rook into each corner. Next to these you can place the horses which are knights. Then you place the bishops represented by hats. Finally you place the King and Queen together in the middle 2 squares. The King is on the right side facing the enemy and the Queen is on his left.

Next you place all the pawns or peasants along the row in front of the royals, bishops and knights. Very typical that the peasants will be in the frontline of the battles. They ususally are in real life as well. This doesn't mean that the pawns are not valuable. When your opponent least expects it a pawn could take out his Knight or why not even a Queen. Never underestimate any of the pieces. With the right players every piece has an important function and can be the deciding factor in winning the match.

Note that both coloured sets have exactly the same number and type of pieces. Place the rest of the pieces on the board like the following image shows.

Now you are ready to start to learn how the chess pieces move acrosss the board and take eney pieces.