Interesting facts about the game of chess

Chess Terms and Trivia

In this section we look some interesting things connected to the game of chess.

Chess Terms

Castling is a defensive move where the King and one of the Rooks can be moved at the same time to protect the King.

Remi is the name for a draw in Chess

En passant is a move where a pawn can be taking in passing.

Check! is what you say to your opponent when you attack their King

Check Mate! is what you say to your opponent when you have captured their King

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Chess Trivia

The quickest way to end a game of chess is with the Fool's Mate.

5,949 moves is the maximum possible number of Chess moves in a game.

The latest chess move, allowing the Pawn to advance 2 squares, was introduced in 1280.

Russian Gary Kasparov became the youngest Chess Champion in 1985, aged 22 years.

The light and dark squares were first introduced in 1090.

The record for moves without capture is 110 moves.

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